Rugby for the curious

A collection of random rugby thoughts from Coach Chris

What is this rugby thing?

“Isn’t it just football without pads?” NO! I understand the question though, as I used to think the same way. But now when I talk to folks, I really liken it much closer to wrestling, only the person you are trying to take down is running with a ball.

It’s 100% inclusive

The sport of rugby is built around there being a place for every one who wants to play. All personalities, all body types, all ice cream flavor preferences (chocolate!) have a place on the rugby pitch with the Krakens. Once you are a part of the culture, you will always have a place you belong.

The Socials!

After each game, it is a tradition for the teams to come together and share a meal. After spending a game battling each other, players relax and share stories, give player of the match awards, and generally enjoy being involved in this great game.

Building strong young women

I love this message from Tone Fooji, coach of a local high school team:

If we really want to raise girls who can face the world we need to arm them with the best tools available. Allowing your girls to play rugby helps give them the emotional and physical fortitude to succeed in life.

Safety first!

Rugby is certainly a contact game, but we as coaches spend a LOT of time helping the players learn how to be safe, play strong, and have the body control and confidence to really enjoy the physicality of it.

Can I see an example?

Sure! Here is a video from one of scrimmages at the beginning of last season. In this 5v5 session, you can see a kick start, some tackling, as well as a great set of passes that end in a score.